shutupandcrunk (shutupandcrunk) wrote,

3rd week of new job, i'm alllll about that paycheck. i was able to pay my rent AND utilities at the same time...on time... in months. i'm going to call my car payment company to see if i can have my payments changed to the 15th instead of the 13th - have any of you ever done this before? apparently you can do that with credit cards so i figured i'd try to with my car payment.

today we have a lot of running around to do. after work we're jetting asap to the dmv to see how much money dan owes for tickets and so he can get an ID. After that we're going to Walmart to get apartment and food things (i haven't been grocery shopping on months). i'm going to try to cook indian food tonight as our monthly romantic date thing...hopefully it wont taste too terrible.
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